Cerrone is beginning to evolve into a drag queen. Photo by world renown photographer Jaime Jaymes i dont know what her name is exactly so imma just call her that


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I love how much Alaska loves his cat!! :) Too adorable! 

The gay speculations have been toned down as these photographs of Cerrone with men happen to be his coworkers Sharon and Alaska. Cerrone stated at a press conference, “I prefer to keep my sexuality private. I am currently not in a relationship but I can tell you that Sharon and Alaska are not my type and they are already together you silly gooses.” 

Exclusive glamour shot of belladonna for vanity fair

The closeted homosexual rumors are advancing as these photographs of Cerrone in bed with random men surface the internet. What do you think? Is Cerrone gay? Is he a gay prostitute? Do you support Cerrone as a gay feline? More updates on the case to come…

Some photos of Belladonna seen at the beach today taken by paparazzi. 

Cerrone in bed with an unknown man. This leaked photograph has added to the rumor of Cerrone being a closeted homosexual.

Cerrone passed out after eating drugs

Belladonna with her mother on a trip to the beach.